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My name is Keiko Okumura.
I was four years old when I started to take ballet lessons, and from then until I was eighteen years of age, I was totally absorbed in ballet and had no other interests. After that, I began to realize how difficult the ballet world is, and I once quitted temporarily to take regular lessons and think about whether I should continue dancing or not. Meanwhile I got a job and worked for a company, and then got married. During those years, however, I continued with my ballet practice irregularly, as I couldn't give up completely what I'd always loved to do.

I am now thirty-five years old.
Most of my friends and acquaintances feel that they need a lot of money for their children's ballet lessons and for public exhibitions. Particularly in Japan, many people seem to believe that ballet lessons are expensive. I, however, decided to open a ballet studio that anyone can attend regardless of economic status.

With the help of my friends and housewives who love ballet, one hundred children are now members of my ballet studio. I offer lessons teaching fundamental ballet techniques. Since I set the lesson fee unusually low, many types of students are able to attend lesson. I also manage to organize public exhibitions at an unusually low cost.

I also make an effort to attend to my young students minds. Some children take a longer time to get used to ballet practice. I talk a lot with these students. I include plays in my lessons. When their minds are active, so are their bodies.

I'm not a famous nor a superior ballet dancer, but I'm working hard to teach the neighbor children and give them a chance to perform before a live audience at least once a year. I started my ballet studio in October, 1995. I had only two students at that time. Now, in 1998, I have one hundred students. I'm busy every day.

ps. I am looking for the costume of a cheap ballet for children.
I using the softwear of the translation because I can't do English.


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